Tropical Storm Beta Nearing Texas Coast


Tropical Storm Beta is moving closer to the Gulf Coast and is more than likely bringing rainfall and winds to areas of Texas and Louisana this week.

A tropical storm warning is currently in effect for Texas cities including Port Aransas, Houston, and Victoria, while Louisiana cities like Morgan City and Cameron are also under a warning.

Currently, Beta is about 100 miles south-southwest of Galveston, Texas, and is moving westward at just about five miles per hour. 

Despite moving fairly slow, the storm is bringing showers and thunderstorms to areas of the Gulf. 

Here is everything you need to know about the storm, including what to expect when it comes to rainfall, wind gusts, and tornados.

Storm Surge

Areas of Texas and Louisiana’s coasts have been experiencing flooding due to Tropical Storm Beta and the winds have reached parts of the upper and middle Texas coastline.

The storm is expected to make landfall on Texas’s coast sometime on Monday and will more than likely move north toward the lower Mississippi Valley.

According to the National Hurricane Center, there is a danger of a life-threatening storm surge through Tuesday, September 22.

Coastal flooding could continue throughout the week, especially during high tide periods, so it’s important to be aware of weather patterns.

Forecast Impacts

Flooding rainfall will more than likely affect areas of southern Louisiana and middle and upper Texas.

Those areas are expected to get about 5 to 10 inches of rain, with 15 inches being the maximum number predicted.

There could be river flooding, as well as urban flooding, so it’s important for these areas to be prepared for heavy rainfall.

Flash flood watches have been issued from the middle Texas Coast to southern Louisiana, but this storm is not expected to bring the rain that we saw during Hurricane Harvey back in 2017.

Winds Expected

As well as heavy rain, Tropical Storm Beta is also going to bring along with it some heavy winds.

These strong gusts are expected to impact the Texas coast starting on Monday and continue into Tuesday.

In fact, the wind could trigger power outages and may bring down trees, especially in areas where the soil has been saturated due to heavy rain.

However, major wind damage is not expected.

Tornadoes Possible

There is the possibility that tornados may form on the upper Texas Coast and in southwest Lousiana on Monday. 

However, it is more than likely these areas will only experience heavy rain and wind.