Strongest Winter Storm of the Season Begins Today Through Weekend

Snow Plows

From west to east, the strongest winter storm to hit the US this season develops early today delivering sleet, freezing rain, and heavy snow; plus, today’s weather news and forecast.

This season’s strongest winter storm starts today, continues through the weekend

The strongest winter storm of the season starts today delivering sleet, freezing rain, ice, and snow to a large swath of the US and will continue through the weekend.

The storm will affect states from Washington to Pennsylvania across the northern portion of the US today, with winter weather extending south to New Mexico and Oklahoma.

Over the weekend, the storm will extend east to the New England states and Maine.

Northern tier will see the most impact

On Friday, the northern tier of the country will experience the most impact.

Overall, this storm packs the potential to be one of the most impactful winter storms to strike this season, especially for the Upper Midwest, where air and ground travel is likely to be delayed and difficult.

Today’s winter weather forecast:

Sleet, freezing rain, and snow will affect a large swath of the Central Plains and the Upper Midwest today, with locally heavy snow in some areas.

Snowfall is forecast for portions of North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Upper Midwest and Plains to be hit the hardest

The heaviest snow is forecast for a large portion of Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as sections of South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois.

Freezing rain and sleet is forecast for most or all Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, as well as portions of Oklahoma, Iowa, Northern Arkansas, and the northern Virginias.

Flash flooding threat

Heavy rain with the potential of flash flooding is forecast for the southern portions of Missouri and Illinois, and portions of northern Arkansas.

Snowfall out West

In the West, snow is forecast for the eastern portions of Washington and Oregon, most of Idaho, Montana, all of Wyoming, northern Nevada, most of Utah, and western Colorado.

A wintry mix is forecasted for Northern California, western portions of Oregon and Washington, southern Utah, northern Arizona, southwest Colorado, and northern and central portions of New Mexico.

Today’s US forecast highs

West: San Francisco 53, Los Angeles 64, Reno 41, Salt Lake City 36, Denver 52.

Northwest: Seattle 40, Portland 40, Boise 33, Billings 21.

Southwest: Las Vegas 58, Phoenix 65, Albuquerque 49, El Paso 66, San Antonio 72.

North-central: Bismarck 23, Rapid City 43, Minneapolis 24.

Central: Kansas City 35, Oklahoma City 48, Dallas 60.

East Central: Chicago 33, St. Louis 32, Detroit 28, Cincinnati 38.

South: Houston 71, New Orleans 69, Memphis 51, Charlotte 48, Atlanta 52, Jacksonville 64, Tampa 79, Miami 77.

East: Norfolk 40, Washington 38, Buffalo 21, New York 32, Boston 26, Bangor 2.