Flash Flooding Risk across Southern Corridor, Heat and Fire Danger in West


Scattered thunderstorms will span most of the nation on Monday, bringing the risk of flooding to parts of the West, Southwest, and southern corridor of the US, while high heat continues in the West, bringing heat and fire alerts.

Thunderstorm spring flooding threats on Monday

According to the current forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS), thunderstorms will span from coast to coast on Monday. Storms will be scattered in parts of the West and Midwest.

A solid line of storms extends across the southern corridor and over the Northwest. Thunderstorms expected to continue across both regions on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the threat is diminishing with the flooding. Western Texas could see some easing of storms on Wednesday.

West Thunderstorms across Southern California, while the Pacific Northwest will be mostly clear, with scattered thunderstorms over Idaho, eastern Montana, and Wyoming. 

South: Thunderstorms will span the entirety of the southern corridor from the Southwest to the southeast.

Midwest: Scattered thunderstorms over the upper Midwest, while mostly clear for the central and southern Midwest portions. 

Mid-South, mid-Atlantic, and Northeast: Thunderstorms for the mid-South, and most of the Northeast, while storms will be scattered over the mid-Atlantic.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flash flood watch for the following areas: 

West: southeastern California, southern Nevada, northwest Arizona, and central Utah.

South: The NWS warns that heavy rain could bring flash flooding to eastern Texas, Northern Louisiana, southeastern Mississippi, Alabama, south-central Tennessee, northwestern and east-central Georgia, eastern South Carolina, and eastern North Carolina.

Flood advisory: The NWS has also issued flood advisories for south-central Oklahoma, southern Arkansas, southern Louisiana, central Mississippi, central Alabama, and northwestern North Carolina.

High heat, high fire risk in the West

Billings, Montana will see a high of 107 on Monday, as temperatures will be near triple digits in Minot, North Dakota at 98, and 96 in Rapid City, South Dakota, and 94 in Medford, Oregon. Denver and Salt Lake City will see a high of 94, Las Vegas 101, and Phoenix 104. Los Angeles will reach 90 degrees.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued the following alerts in the West for Monday:

Excessive heat warning: central and eastern Montana, north-central Wyoming.

Heat advisory: northwestern Montana, western and central North Dakota.

Red flag warning: northeastern California, eastern Washington, eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana, western and northeastern Wyoming, northwestern South Dakota.