Climate Change ‘Fiction of Media,’ Says Former Top Scientist for Obama’s DoE

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A physicist and engineering professor who served as Undersecretary for science for former president Barack Obama’s Department of Energy says climate change is a “fiction of the media” and not an “existential threat.”

Climate change not an “existential threat,” top scientist says

In a recent interview, one of the nation’s top scientists spoke out against climate change alarm, saying that it is being weaponized by those who seek to enrich and empower themselves, the Western Journal reported.

Theoretical physicist and engineering professor, Steven Koonin, who formerly served as the Undersecretary for science in the Department of Energy under the administration of President Barack Obama, is currently the director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University, was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox Nation. Koonin is far from being “right-wing” and brought an alternative scientific perspective on the issue of climate change.

Temperatures unchanged in last 60 years

“[Climate change] It’s a fiction of the media and the politicians who like to promote that notion,” Koonin said. “The warmest temperatures have not gone up in the last 60 years.”

Greenpeace cofounder agrees

Koonin’s comments were echoed by another environmental expert earlier this year, cofounder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore.

“Zero evidence of ‘climate emergency,'” Moore tweeted. “Almost everywhere you look, climate change is having only small, and often benign, impacts. The impact of extreme weather events ― hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts ― are, if anything, declining.”

“It is clear that the highly exaggerated claims … are not so much out of concern for endangered species as they are a front for a radical political, social and economic transformation of our entire civilization,” Moore said during a congressional hearing in 2019.

Politicians don’t understand the science, expert argues

Koonin went on to say during the interview that officials in the Biden administration, such as Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and climate czar John Kerry, were mindlessly parroting the term “existential threat” while not fully understanding the science.

“I don’t think the science says what … Secretary Pete thinks it says,” Koonin remarked. “In fact, I can guarantee you he’s never read the science.”

“Fact, I can guarantee you that Sen. [Bernie] Sanders, President [Joe] Biden, Ambassador Kerry, [Energy] Secretary [Jennifer] Granholm have never read the science,” Koonin continued, “because you need to be a scientist in order to do that. And in fact, when you read it, there’s very little in terms of extreme weather that has changed over the last many decades.”

“It is a failure of the scientific community not to stand up and say, ‘Guys, you know, you have over-egged the custard…You really need to be much more circumspect in how you talk about this,'” Koonin added.